The 5 step process

We've broken down our process into five steps so you know what to expect throughout your appeals journey and can easily track where you are in the process.

1. Receive your verification number

You receive a verification number with your rejection notice.

You should have been sent a 10-digit verification code from the parking operator. You will need this before you can submit an appeal to us.

2. Collect your evidence

Prepare any evidence which you feel supports your case.

Every case is different so what you submit will depend on your circumstances. There's a list of acceptable evidence in our appeals guide and having it all ready beforehand will help speed up your appeal.

3. Submit your appeal

The quickest and easiest way to submit your appeal and evidence is online.

We’ll let you know that we have received all your documents and we will be able to start processing your appeal much quicker than those we receive by post. You will also be able to track the progress of your appeal online and will be sent a notification when we receive a response from the parking operator.

4. Track the progress of your appeal

You can track the progress of your appeal online.

After you've submitted your documents, the parking operator will submit their evidence and you'll have a chance to comment on this. We’ll then review all the evidence to make a final decision.

5. A decision is made

Once we’ve reviewed all the evidence, we will notify you and the parking operator of our decision. We cannot reconsider your appeal if you disagree with our decision.

There are only two possible outcomes, you will either have your parking charge notice cancelled or be asked to pay. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you can get in touch with Citizens Advice for further advice.

Ready to start your appeal?

If you have read this and have all your evidence ready to submit, click the new appeal button below. Make sure you understand the guidance, you use your own words, you are honest and you submit accurate evidence to support your appeal.