Introducing the new and improved POPLA website

Hello and welcome to the newly redesigned and relaunched POPLA website.

Our aim in changing the look and feel of the site has been to give motorists more information about the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) appeals process and provide a better user experience.

Key features of the new site include an enhanced FAQ section, a news section and case studies to let motorists know what to expect.

We have also introduced a guide to making an appeal and simplified the homepage.

Donna Sheridan, senior marketing and communications manager at Ombudsman Services, which runs POPLA, said:

We’re really excited about the new site and we’re confident that it will be well received by motorists and parking operators alike.

A lot of hard work has gone into simplifying the process of logging an appeal and ensuring that motorists are well equipped before they make a start.

We will be monitoring usage and performance of the site with an eye on making ongoing improvements and keeping the content up to date.